My name is Bert Peters and I am a twenty something computer science grad and currently employed at Channable leading the DevOps team, moonlighting in Rust, Python, Javascript, and whatever else comes my way.

In my spare time, I enjoy dabbling around with various programming related things, and create my own silly projects in Rust, machine learning, (Arch) Linux, systemd, and PHP, the last one of which I will defend forever. For most of these programming languages, I also maintain a few libraries.

This website is my private soapbox where I write about, well, anything, but generally Rust, Advent of Code, privacy, and math. If any of that sounds interesting, do read along.

Open source work

I can be found on Github, Packagist, and the AUR with quite a few packages. Some highlights include:

  • tracing-mutex, a Rust crate with a set of debugging- and safety wrappers for the mutexes in your program. It helps you avoid deadlocks by ensuring you acquire all mutex and similar locks in a consistent order.

  • Marty, a plugin for the Mako PHP framework that adds support for the Smarty template language for rendering your views.

  • PHPStreams, a well-intended reimplementation of the Java 8 streams API for PHP. I am not said that PHP has moved past this.

Other things

Besides this website, I have occasionally written articles and things in other places. Find me at

  • [Demo] Metahearts, a JS1k 2012 submission featuring heart-shaped metablobs.
  • [Demo] The Ring, a JS1k demo submitted to DemoJS 2011 and ending up in 4th place. Best watched with in a smaller window since the “radial blur” algorithm is still rather intensive, over a decade later. Also hosted on Pouet.

Third party software

While I enjoy making nice things myself, this website would not be possible without various pieces of open source software, worthy of a shout-out:


This is my personal website, so all opinions expressed on this website are my own, and do not reflect those of my employers or otherwise. Don’t take my word as anything else than my word.


This website does not record any personal data from you or include any analytics. It is however hosted on Github Pages, which means your IP-address and browser fingerprint will received by Github and be subject to the Github privacy policy.