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Hi, I'm Bert.

I write software and create scalable systems. I make beautiful and weird things, preferably so in Rust. I work in DevOps. Sometimes I write articles and do math.

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How to host a static Next.JS website with Nginx

Next.JS is a fairly nice way of building a multi-page, mostly statically rendered website with React and making it make sense. It actually solves the problem of “what if a React app was not a Single Page Application” pretty well, but it’s somewhat particular about how it wants to be deployed.

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How does async Rust work

Rust has a burgeoning async system. If your application is heavy on IO, you should simply “use async” and everything will work efficiently. You can have async fn, .await whenever that could be worked on in the background while the CPU does something useful. Then you learn to add Tokio for it to do anything and things may seem like magic. Fortunately, computers do not work by magic yet, so we can try to simplify things and get a better understanding. Today I want to do just that.

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Disassembling the KingFast F6 PRO

This is the KingFast F6 Pro 240 GB SSD. Despite its name, it is neither King nor Fast. I suspect the name might have been chosen for its similarity to Kingston’s brand. It is said the disk is so slow using it qualifies as inhuman punishment under the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Yet somehow a copy of them has found their way into my hands. Today, I’d like to figure out what makes it so slow, and take you along on my journey.

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