• Memory-safe linked lists

    Everyone who worked with C++ for longer than twelve seconds has noticed that keeping track of pointers is somehwat complicated. You have all kinds of wonderful new problems that you never knew you could have in other languages:

    • Null-pointer dereferencing
    • Use-after free
    • Memory leaks
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  • Cleaning up the home dir

    If you’ve ever done something like ls -la ~, then you must have noticed that your home directory is a mess of hidden files. This annoys the inner perfectionist in me, as I never have more than a few files in any folder. Everything is a nice tree structure.

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  • An interesting interaction with my ISP

    After setting up Postfix on my home server to properly send status reports to myself, I noticed something strange in the log files. Every day, at about midnight, I would see the following:

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  • Setting up ownCloud on a Raspberry Pi

    I recently got myself a Raspberry Pi b+, and I figured I’d finally make some use of the spare external harddisk I had lying around to set up ownCloud for myself.

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  • Advent of Code in review

    On December 1st, /u/topaz/2078 posted a challenge to /r/programming announcing that he had created a series of small programming challenges, from which he had made an advent calendar of code. Every day from December 1st to December 25th one of those challenges became available on his website for the world to solve.

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